3 Marketing Mistakes People Make and One Shift That Will Fix Them All

I enjoy baking, but I don’t make a wide variety of things. I tend to take on one type of baked good at a time and work it out so I have it right before I take on the next thing.

When I started making popovers a few years ago, it took a lot of tries to get it right. They’re supposed to puff up so that they are basicaly a crust around a pocket of air. The first couple attempts turned out as hockey pucks. (Thankfully, my fiance will eat anything.) It took some analysis and research, but I figured it out.

I was making a bunch of mistakes that all centered around one thing: HEAT. If I could get the heat to the batter in just the right way, I could make my popovers “pop”.

It still took a few more tries, but with the right baking pan (built to get the heat to each individual popover), the right pre-heating process (with the pan in the oven so it’s hot, too), and the right timing of the non-stick spray (after the pre-heat, just before you pour in the batter, so the spray doesn’t pool at the bottom), I could do it! A few different techniques built around one concept: Heat.

In a similar vein…

There are 3 marketing mistakes that I see business owners frequently make, and one shift that will fix them all.

I’ll list the mistakes below. If you want the details, I invite you to check out this week’s video. In it, I talk about each mistake, how it plays against you, what to do instead… and what that one shift is that will help you set yourself up for success.

The 3 marketing mistakes that I discuss in detail in this video are:

1. Relying only on social media.

2. Focusing on “all of the followers” instead of “the right followers”

3. Focusing on followers instead of relationships

Click here to watch the video now.

Use the time stamps below to jump to the specific part that you want to hear!

00:00 Intro: Putting this topic into context
00:50 Why this topic matters
01:40 Mistake #1
08:20 Which is the better place to sell: social media or email?
09:00 Mistake #2
15:00 Mistake #3
17:00 The one shift you can make to address all 3 of these mistakes

If you have any questions about what I talked about here, or anything else regarding being an introvert and marketing your business, please email me at Suzan@SuzanCz.com or tune in to one of my Facebook Live videos! I’m always happy to address specific questions — like the one that Laura left in the comments of this video at 05:40.

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