What type of introvert are you?

All introverts are not alike.

We probably could have told them that! You can’t just stick all of the introverts into a bucket and say we’re all the same.

That being said, there are some patterns to how introverts behave.

Researchers have managed to categorize four different types of introverts, though I’m willing to bet that there’s more. Many introverts to identify with two of the categories, feeling like they’re more of a cross-hatch of the types rather than landing in just one bucket.

In this week’s video, I explored the 4 types of introverts and then I took it a step further and asked:

What are the implications of your introvert type on your marketing?

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Use the time stamps below to jump to the specific part that you want to hear:

00:00 Intro: Why it’s important to know what type of introvert you are
03:15 Introvert vs Extrovert (vs Ambivert)
09:30 The four types of introverts
19:00 Implications of your introvert type on your marketing
27:00 Questions to ask that will help you leverage your introvert style

If you want a closer look at the marketing tactics that are most suited for introverts so that you can decide what fits you and your business best, download “The Introvert’s Tactical Guide to Digital Marketing.”

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