stay consistent

How to Market Your Business Consistently When You’re an Introvert

If you struggle to consistently market your business and you’re an introvert, here are 3 strategies to help you finally find your rhythm.

blue background with white box. Copy reads: "The Introverted Entrepreneur's Guide to Annual Planning"

The Introverted Entrepreneur’s Guide to Annual Planning

A thoughtful approach to strategic annual planning! Use this step-by-step guide to review your past year, and to set meaningful, authentic goals for the year ahead.

Leveraging AI

Leveraging AI: Unleashing Time-Saving Marketing Solutions

When you have a business to run, marketing can feel like a time-suck. Here’s how I leverage AI to save time and uplevel my marketing message.

Blue background with white lightening strikes and a white box with the title: You were born this way: The science of introversion

You Were Born This Way: The Science of Introversion

Introverts aren’t just quiet extroverts. There’s a reason behind why introverts prefer small groups over big crowds, and deep thought over small talk. It’s science! You were built this way.

blue background & white box with the title: 4 types of introverts plus marketing tips for each style

4 Types of Introverts Plus Marketing Tips for Each Style

What type of introvert are you and what does that say about how you should market your business?

Blue sparkly background, white square with the words: 5 Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Business Goals

5 Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Business Goals

It’s time to go beyond SMART goals and answer the key questions that will help you actually achieve your goals.

Blue sparkly background with the words: 5 ways to bring the holidays into your content

5 Ways to Bring the Holidays into Your Content

Here are 5 ways to bring the holidays into your content. Whether you want to keep it subtle or get festive, you have options!

Image: blue sparkly background with blue words on white: "Let's see how this works." The Joy of Testing

“Let’s see how this works.”: The Joy of Testing

What if you did more testing in your business? I did this last year as I tried out new ideas in my business, and here’s what happened. (Hint: It was awesome!)

5 Ways to Get Yourself to Take Action

5 Ways to Get Yourself to Take Action

It can be tough to get ourselves to take action, even when we know that we need to get something done. The longer we hold off, the bigger the project gets. Here are 5 ways to get yourself out of procrastination and into action.

do you have to be on sm

Do You Have to Be on Social Media?

“Do I have to be on social media?” is a question I hear a LOT. It makes sense – social media is tough for introverts! Here’s my answer, plus some suggestions.