How to Get Consistent in Your Marketing

Is your marketing inconsistent?

If your marketing is inconsistent, then you can just look at your buisness to see the impact:

  • Is your business as busy as you want it to be?
  • Do you have a pipeline of prospects that you can tap the next time you want to find a new customer?
  • Are you actively engaged with those prospects on a regular basis so that the next time they hear from you, they know exatly who you are and what you can do to help them?

If your marketing is consistent, your answer to these qustions is a very solid YES.

Here's why.... when you market your business consistently, it builds your business. Not overnight! But over time, it absolutely does.

Marketing is a wheel. You have to get it going, and then you have to keep it going. When you start showing up consistently --- same bat time, same bat channel --- people start to find you.

And when you consistently show up, they do too.

So how do you get consistent? That's the big question and it has eluded me for a very long time.

Historically, I could get my maketing up and running... and then after 2 weeks, it would just stop. I eventually rally enough to pick it back up again... but it would fall apart again just as quickly.

But I've found it. Finally, I've found exactly what it takes.

I have found consistency and I want to share with you the things that I've done to find consistency in my own business.


Here's what I did to get consistent in my marketing

1. COMMIT. I decided that I was all in! I decided that marketing consistency was going to be my #1 focus.

Recognizing that I have a lot of other things that I still need to focus on , I realized that I was going to need to put some things in place to make this happen. So, I did the next thing on this list...

2. CREATE SPACE. Like most folks, my weeks are packed. I needed to create space for me to meet this commitment. To do this, I picked a window of time to aside every week for my marketing.

In my calendar, I marked Monday mornings from 9am - 12pm as "Monday Morning Marketing" and then I scheduled it to repeat forever. I picked Monday because I want to launch every week week with my own marketing.

3. DECIDE. I asked myself: What can I truly do every single week? I wanted to identify it and get specific so that it would be clear when I'd done it.

I knew I couldn't do everything that I actually want to do. You can't go from zero to a million. That's what gets us in trouble. So I just pick 2 specific things:

  • I go Live on my FB page every Monday at 10:30am ET
  • I send an email to the people on my list

That's it! If I feel inclined to do more - like write a blog or post to social media - I will. But it's ok if I don't. If I do the video and the email, I win! The rest is cake.

4. PLAN. This was the tough part! I planned what my topic would be for each of the next 6 weeks.

I recognized that this is one of my biggest stumbling blocks: "What am I going to talk about?"  So I identified my weekly topics and put them on my calendar so I could find them easily each week.

5. PRIORITIZE. I made the decision to prioritize my marketing. I suspect this is a common stumbling block for a lot of people. We get so busy working in our business that we don't think we can spare the time to work on our business. But if we don't work on our business, there won't be a business to work in!

So - I decided to look at myself as my own client. I wouldn't let anything get in the way of serving my customers! So I can't let anything get in the way of me serving my own business.

OK -- I've intentionally written this to show you what **I** do. Every one and every business is different. What is it going to take for YOU to get consistent?

I went Live on my Facebook page to dig a little deeper into this process of getting consistent. You'll find that video here.


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