“What do I say?” Quick Tips to Create Content Easily

Do you envision yourself creating content?

  • Publishing multiple engaging social media posts
  • Kicking out a fabulous blog post
  • Emailing your list with tons of value

… but then get stuck behind the voice in your head that asks: “But what do I say?”

A LOT of people struggle with this, including me.

I finally make room in my schedule to sit down and start writing, but then….

  • I feel stuck as I stare at the blank page
  • I know what I want to say but I’m having trouble getting it out
  • I know I need to write… but then I start feeling insecure about it all

This is actually a common challenge for most business owners who need to market their business. From my experience, introverts are especially prone to this.

That’s why I recently ran a content creation workshop in my membership, called, “What do I say?” It was a great opportunity to dig into the unique challenges that my members face and help them find their own ways around them. Although you weren’t able to be there, I wanted to share some of these takeaways with you.

Below are 4 challenges that I see people struggle with when they try to create content and the tips that will help you get around these challenges and start creating!

Challenge #1 You didn’t come up with your topic until you sat down to write it… and now you aren’t sure what to write bout. This is the sure-fire way to feelings of defeat before you’ve even gotten started!

Instead: Grab 15 – 30 minutes and a spreadsheet (or notebook!). In that focused time, write out as many ideas as you can come up with related to what you do, who you serve, and things you’d love to tell them. That way, next time you sit down to write, you have a whole repository to choose from. #problemsolved #noexcuses

Challenge #2 As you sit down to write, you think, “But I don’t have anything to say.” It can be difficult to move past these ideas and many people get waylaid by them.

Instead: Trust that you have plenty to say. You have worked your way to where you are now, and you know your stuff! This is another reason to create the repository in #1 above. That list will remind you of all of the amazing ideas that you already have.

Challenge #3 You sit down to write. You open a new page and start thinking about what your first line will be – and you get stuck immediately. How should you introduce this idea? That blank page is intimidating…. Where do you even begin?

Instead: Start in the middle. Begin with the core of the message. Flesh that out and write through to the ending. Then go back and write your opening. You’ll be able to draw from what you’ve already written so it will be much easier to figure out. It may even come to you as you write your ending!

Challenge #4 As you write your content, you hear your own voice in your head: “No one wants to hear this.” Or “They aren’t going to like what I have to say.” Or “There are so many people already doing this. There’s no room for me.”

Instead: Trust that there are people in the world who need what you offer. They are waiting to hear from you – your unique voice, your unique perspective. But you aren’t going to be able to help them if you don’t put your content out in the world. You can do this. Your business needs you to do this. The people you do and will serve need you to do this. Keep going.

Those are the four biggest challenges that I hear about from people in my audience, my clients, and my members, and the tips to help us get around them. Which one of them resonates with your experience? Let me know in the comments!

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Quick Tips to Create Content Easily

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