Why Does Email Marketing Work for Introverts?

It's not an uncommon question from the introvert that I work with: Should I be doing email marketing?

My answer is always: Yes!

Here's why:

Email is a private, 1:1 conversation

If you find that talking to many people at once or interacting with people on social media saps your energy, then email can help you manage that. It's a private, one-on-one conversation between you and each of the people on your list. Yes, as your email list builds, you are talking to more people - but you're talking to them each as individuals.

It's written communication

If you prefer to communicate by writing (which is the case for many introverts), then email is a great fit! I always advise my clients to write their emails as though it's a personal letter to just one person. This can make it easier to write it and more powerful for the people on your list who read it.

You get to talk about your work

Many introverts have told me that they are uncomfortable talking about what they do. They aren't sure when the right time to do so is, or how to insert it into the conversation. They worry about sharing it with people who don't want to hear it. In the case of email marketing - the people on your list signed up because they are interested in how you can help them. Therefore, you're actually supposed to talk to them about it!

People read email every day

When you send someone an email, you're reaching them in a place that they visit multiple times a day: their inbox. That isn't necessarily the case with social media where you are subject to whether or not they log in and whether or not the algorithm puts your message in front of them.

You own your own list

This is one of the biggest challenges in social media: we can't track our follower's interaction easily and we don't have any control over who sees our content. In email marketing, you send your message to the people who are on your list, and the platform you use gives you data on whether they opened it or took any actions, like clicking on a link you provided. You can download your list of emails anytime. It's yours.

If you find that list helpful, I encourage you to watch the video below.

There's a lot more to these ideas and I go into all of it in the video. It was recorded on Facebook Live so I was also able to answer some great questions from the people who were watching. Use the timestamps below to jump to specific topics.

Video: Why Email Marketing Works for Introverts

Near the end of the video, I talk about the ActiveCampaign email marketing platform, which I use myself and absolutely love! Click here to learn more about ActiveCampaign.*

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