Introverts vs Extroverts and What This Has to do With Your Marketing

How are introverts and extroverts the same? And how are they different? 

And if you are an introvert, what does that mean about the best way for you to market your business?

Introverts vs Extroverts

Introverts show up differently than extroverts in this world and in relationships. 

They communicate differently. They need different things.

It may sound like introverts and extroverts are direct opposites: You’re either one or the other. 

To that point, here’s a quick chart that shows how they are, in many ways, exactly opposite from each other. (But wait. Don’t let this chart lock you in. There’s more to the story!)



  • Get energy from outside themselves
  • Get energy from inside themselves
  • Recharge through social engagement
  • Recharge through quiet time
  • Thrive in social environments
  • Still need social time, but it isn’t where they thrive
  • May use verbal processing to work out their thoughts
  • Think before they speak

The thing is… it’s not that simple! 

Extrovert vs introvert is more of a spectrum. You lean one way or the other… or you may even land right in the middle somewhere. There’s a word for that: “Ambivert.”

Even in the spectrum, it’s important to not limit ourselves to one end or the other. Every person is unique and how we land on this spectrum is unique to each of us.

There are behaviors that we attribute to either extroverts (loud / social) or introverts (quiet / anti-social), that really either type can exhibit. 

For example, it’s not that introverts don’t talk. It’s that they do a lot of thinking first and often have their thoughts more in order by the time they speak than an extrovert might.

One of the challenges with looking at introvert vs extrovert as a spectrum is the possibility of looking at it as a volume knob, as though the difference is simply in how loud a person is.

But again… it’s not that simple because:

Introverts are not quiet extroverts.

They are they’re own separate type of personality. They show up in the world differently, they draw energy differently, they have different needs. They communicate differently

And if you are a business owner, this all matters… because it impacts your marketing. 

Here are just some of the ways that being an introvert impacts your marketing


It is important that you show up authentically in your marketing. If you try to show up as someone you aren’t (i.e. trying to show up as an extrovert when you’re an introvert), it’ll be uncomfortable for you and for your audience

People can tell when you aren’t being yourself. And that means you and your content will not resonate with them. Your job as a marketer is to connect with your audience. If you aren’t being you, you aren’t going to connect.


To be successful in your marketing, you need to be consistent. If you are an introvert and you try to market as an extrovert, it’ll be difficult for you to maintain over the long term. It’ll take up too much energy, and it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience.

Now… that doesn’t mean that you can’t exhibit extroverted behaviors! It just means you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Most introverts are capable of talking to strangers, speaking in public, and being social in large groups. It’s just that it doesn’t come naturally and they’ll run out of energy - whereas an extrovert will likely gain energy from these experiences.

My point is this: When you knowing how you operate, it can help you choose marketing strategies that fit you and your business best. And when you get clear on how you prefer and need to show up in this world, it can help you clarify how you need to show up in your marketing.

Honestly, this is all true whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or an ambivert.

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