Why Blogging is an Introvert’s Best Friend

Not too long ago, I was debating on whether I should start a podcast or get onto YouTube. So I polled my audience to see what they thought.

I was surprised by their response! More than 30% of the people who replied to my poll wanted me to write.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Please make sure you include a transcript for those like me that prefer to read.”

“Whatever it is, a transcript really helps… I can read so much faster than I can listen.”

“...it would also be great to have a script to refer to later, as I’m a great note taker and love referring back to my notes.”

Here’s the catch: Most of the people in my audience are introverts. In other words, these answers above aren’t for everyone; these are self-described introverts speaking.

Statistics indicate that introverts tend to be writers. The response that I got from my largely introverted audience tells me that they also tend to be readers.

And here’s where I’m going with this:

If you, too, have introverted tendencies, then you should consider blogging.

Not just because you’re a natural writer (though if you are, that’s a great reason!) but also because blogging is a fantastic way to promote your business.

Here’s why:

1. You can write at your own pace and take your time as you consider your words. You can dive deep into a topic if you wish, or stay on the outer edges and keep it light. It’s your blog so it’s your choice! But more than anything, what you don’t have is the pressure to get it right the moment the content leaves your head.

2. You can go back and change it. I do this all the time. Spelling mistake? Fixed! Missed a word? Fixed! Found a better way to say it? FIXED.
BONUS: When you make a change like that, the internet notices. The Google bots reindex your site. In other words, it keeps your site fresh and it helps you be found.

3. Blogging feeds your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you add a blog to your website, you optimize your website for search. Every time you add a new article, it brings in new keywords and triggers Google (and other search engines) to crawl your site and re-index it, which improves your ability to be found.

4. You own your blog. I’ve noticed so many business owners focusing all of their marketing efforts on social media, and this is a mistake because we don’t own those websites. Our content gets filtered by their algorithms and we only have access to the data that they choose to give us. I don’t mean to say that social media isn’t useful. It’s just not the place to spend all of your marketing energy.

5. It is easy to repurpose one article into many pieces of content. This is probably one of the biggest benefits of blogging: You can pull out small pieces of content from it and distribute them through social media and email, inviting people to come back and read the whole article. In fact… that might be how you got here. 😉

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