How Repurposing Your Blog Post Impacts Your Business

For those of us who blog, there’s a question that comes up the moment we hit publish on our latest article: “Now what?”

In other words:

  • Now what do I do?
  • How do I get more eyes on this article?
  • How do I move people from reading this article to becoming a customer?

And the answer to these questions is: Repurpose that article!

When you repurpose original content like your blog post, you create impact.

You impact your messaging.

Repurposing is about creating one piece of content and using it to drive all of your online communication.

This process creates cohesion across every channel where you show up. When you share bits and pieces of our content - like your blog posts - on social media and in our emails, you create thematic consistency. In other words, no matter where someone sees your message, they encounter similar content. This tells them that they can trust you and encourages them to come back for more.

This impact is also about ease. Repurposing enables you to be in multiple places online because the process is simple and repeatable. Or at least… it’s meant to be. 

The mistake that I see many business owners make is thinking that they need to create brand new content for every single message. This is one of the biggest reasons so many business owners avoid or procrastinate around creating content. Not only do you not need to create new content every time (which is absolutely a lot of work!) but it can also work against thematic consistency that helps you promote trust with our audience.

You impact your audience.

When you repurpose your original content (like a blog post) you enable the people in your audience to find it and consume it. 

Because here’s the truth: Just publishing a blog post to your website will not get they’re eyes on it. No one is waiting for you to publish your next article, so you need to let them know about it. This is about sharing it on social media and also through your email list. 

Through this distribution, you impact your audience through the value that you’re sharing with them. They'll learn - even experience - how you can help them through your expertise. This invites them to trust you. When you offer content that impacts them, they’re more likely to remember you and to come back for more.

You impact your business.

When you show up consistently in the places where your audiences can find you, you nurture those relationships. They learn what you do, how you can help them, and they learn to trust you. 

People who have long-term relationships with you through your content are more likely to buy from you because you’ve already helped them. They move from a cold audience that doesn’t know you to a warm audience where you are familiar to them, making them feel safe in their purchasing decisions. Over time, you’ve shown them why they can trust you, encouraging not just a purchase but a long-term customer relationship. 

To be clear, “repurposing your content” does not mean posting an announcement that you have a new article that they need to read. It’s about sharing bits and pieces of your message in strategic ways that gives your audience a reason to go consume it. Repurposing your content is, in itself, a skill and a habit that needs to be learned and embedded into your marketing strategy, and it's worth the effort for your audience and your business.

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