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Every item listed on this page is a tool or resource that I either currently use in my my own marketing, use with my clients, or have used in the past with solid success. I never recommend something that I have not or would not use.


Contant Contact's modern click-and-drag email builder makes it easy to create attractive, branded emails. If you like your tech straightforward and easy to use, this is the tool for you. The contact relationship manager (CRM) offers excellent tracking and data that is easy to access and understand. You can reach their help desk on the phone and everyone I've ever talked to is knowledgeable and super helpful.
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Do you offer multiple lead magnets, courses, and/or a membership? If so, this email platform is a great choice! It's easy to design your automated systems, you can move people from one automation to another, and you can modify them the fly. They just released a new email builder and it's fantastic!
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Are you looking for an email platform that offers a free version? Then you're looking for MailerLite! It's a great platform for when you're just getting started with email marketing and you have a small list. You can use it for free for up to 1,000 subscribers, and it offers all the key features you'll need for a young and growing list.
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Additional Resources:
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Canva puts design capabilities into the hands of the non-design person! Easily create social media posts, lead magnets, logos, and more.
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High-quality, pre-designed Canva templates designed for coaches, mentors, and niche experts creating courses, memberships, and training programs. All templates can be fully edited within Canva to incorporateyour brand colors and content. Bring a professional-level design to your content quickly and easily, without hiring out. This is an annual membership that offers new templates every month.
Click here to learn more about the Template Tribe and download free templates.

SOCIAL MEDIA AUTOMATION's automation platform for social media is my go-to scheduling tool. I like it's click-and-drag functionality and that I canb bring in an image once and then use it across multiple platforms. Be sure to check out their customizable page, which is even available for free accounts.
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Protect your business with website policies, product terms & conditions, non-disclosure agreements, and all the ways you aren't aware that you need! Use this program to customize your legal documents to fit your unique business. Designed and supported by lawyer Bobby Klinck, who specializes in online entrepreneurship.
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I make almost all of my videos with Ecamm. If you use a Mac (not a PC) then Ecamm is the most powerful way to create professional-level videos. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, and more. You can also record directly to your computer.
Click here to learn more about Ecamm and check it out with a 14-day trial.

Access the incredible cameras on your phone through your computer and feed to Zoom, Meet, and other platforms. Get powerful effects and adjustments to show up more professionally and authentically.
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My clients who use PCs to do video use Streamyard. you can create professional live streams through your browser on either PC or Mac. Stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more, plus multi-stream a group of them all at once. Can also record videos without streaming.
Click here to learn more about Streamyard and check it out with a 14-day trial.

I avoided editing videos until I discovered Descript. This all-in-one audio and video editor makes editing your video as easy as editing a word doc. Upload your media or record directly into descript, where it will instantly transcribe your file into text. You can tweak the text directly to edit your media clips. And that's just the beginning of what this awesome editing tool can do!
Click here to learn more about editing your videos with Descript

Additional resources:
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➡️ Learn how to use Descript quickly with this short, powerful course

Grow your YouTube Channel more easily using TubeBuddy's browser extension and app. Get detailed insight into the data that matters. Also offers advanced keyword research, helping you speed up your publishing process, get more views on your videos and subscribers on your channel.
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Please note: I am an affiliate for some of the products listed on this page which means that I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links that are annotated with an asterisk (*).