Get it Done A virtual 31-day digital marketing program

Make a plan, then put that plan into action.

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Do any of these sound like you?

  • You want to blog every week, and then you want to distribute that blog content via social media, but you just can't seem to stick with it...
  • You understand that sending a weekly email to your list is the bedrock of building your business. You start to do this... but then you start skipping weeks or you fall off altogether.
  • You know you need to create a free, value-packed download to get people to sign up for your email list... but you keep avoiding it. You have a sense of what you want it to look like but you aren't sure where to start.

If you are overwhelmed by how much you need to do to market your business, or if you struggle to do it consistently, this program will help you make decisions about what to do next and then focus on getting those things done.

About this Program

Get it Done is a 31-day virtual program that offers you, first and foremost, weekly accountability to help you get and keep your marketing on task. It is especially designed for introverted business owners who have a sense of what they need to do in their marketing and are ready to make the commitment to get it done.

We start with a goal-setting workshop to help you put a plan in place. Throughout the month-long program, you'll get weekly guidance to help you figure out what your next marketing steps are and strategies to help you stay on track. You'll also have access to community support from other business owners who have similar challenges.

This program will help you clarify your direction, stay on task, and make distinct progress towards your goals week after week. It's about creating consistent marketing habits, making the right decisions about what to do next... and then getting those things done.

By the end of this workshop, you'll have a better understanding of what you need to focus on in your marketing. You'll have begun to build the habits that you can then continue to practice, you'll have gained new skills for marketing your business, and you'll have key items from your to-do list checked off!


What people are saying about Get it Done

The format was fun to follow. I enjoyed seeing what others were working on & what works for them. I enjoyed the accountability, too. I HAD to deliver!

Liz McGrory, Coach LizzyMc, Working Mom Coach

The workshops were a terrific side activity to the coaching sessions Suzan provided. They allowed me to implement the skills I was learning at an accelerated pace by holding us to weekly goals and sharing with others the different strategies we were using.  Suzan also has a terrific presentation style that allows her to make ties between different topics that come up and really compliments the learning.

Sue Lankton-Rivas, People Productivity Success

The title of Suzan's Webinar series, Get it Done, says it all. Her gentle yet firm prodding & enthusiastic encouragement goes a long way in creating the optimum environment for learning.

Anne Dugan, AMD EventWorks LLC

The small group environment really enhanced my learning experience. Listening to the other participants' stories and questions gave me a broader and deeper understanding of the material and its applications than I would have acquired on my own or one-on-one.

Shauna Cardenas, Grafton Land Trust

Presented by Suzan Czajkowski, MA, PCC

Suzan Czajkowski

I have made a career out of helping business owners design their own marketing strategy so that they feel empowered by it. It’s been my passion throughout the over 10+ years that I've run my own marketing business.

My clients are introverts, so they struggle with the types of "put yourself out there" marketing strategies that are so prevalent today.

The goal with workshops like Get it Done is to help introverted entrepreneurs like you market your business in ways that are authentic to your personal style. Sometimes it means identifying tactics that allow you work from your naturally reserved and quiet position, and sometimes it means helping you strategically step out of your comfort zone.

In either case, it's about giving you the tools, strategies, and tactics to help you show up and market your own business confidently and authentically.