Get it Done: A 2-Week Productivity Sprint to Focus on What Matters Most + Check Off Your Marketing To-Do List

Get over the fear and overwhelm that comes with putting yourself out there, and get the support you need to finally market your business with confidence.

Buy now and get access to:

  • Opening Strategic Workshop: Design Your Marketing Roadmap: Identify what's most important to your business and put a plan in place to get it done!
  • Daily Co-Working Sessions: Do the work and experience what it feels like to make the progress and the impact that you envision!
  • Weekly Accountability check-ins: Declare your intention and track your wins.
  • Mid-Journey Strategic Workshop: Stay on track and focused throughout the program.
  • Community: You are not alone! Connect with like-minded business owners who share similar challenges.

What Students Are Saying

"If you are overwhelmed, stuck, or living in the world of procrastination with your marketing, Get it Done will provide you with the support and accountability you need to find your customers and grow your business. Suzan’s positive support and expertise creates a safe space to spread your marketing wings and get your plan off the ground. This workshop was the “kick in the butt” I needed to build useful habits and confidence. Thank you, Suzan!" - Debbie Wilson, Molly's Comedy Cabaret

"The co-working sessions helped me focus and get a tremendous amount of work accomplished. I sincerely doubt I would have accomplished so much without this sprint." - Sara Steele,

"I have achieved so much in the last month it is unbelievable. Do it! It is a great way to focus yourself in a safe environment." - Sam Bridger, Bridger Consultancy