What they don't tell us about our comfort zones

What They Don’t Tell us About Our Comfort Zones

You’ve heard all the quotes about how everything is better outside your comfort zone… but still you struggle to go there? This might be why.

3 reasons to do video pixelated

3 Reasons to do Video Marketing (and 2 reasons not to)

Here are 3 reasons to bring video into your marketing strategy, 2 reasons not to, and 1 caveat to keep in mind as you decide


Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s what you can do about it.

When we feel overwhelmed, there’s usually something deeper going on. Here is what you can do to get clear on the problem & find your solution.

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Why Does Email Marketing Work for Introverts?

A question I often hear from my introverted clients is: Should I use email marketing for my business? My answer is always: Yes! Here’s why.

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“What do I say?” Quick Tips to Create Content Easily

Are you tired of staring at the blank page, wondering what to say? Me, too. Here are the tips that have helped me and my members create content more easily.

stop fear

How to Stop Fear From Stopping You

Does fear hold you back from marketing your business? This 3-step process puts your fear on the back burner and you back in control.

When you hit a barrier, what are your options?

When You Hit a Barrier, What Are Your Options?

When you hit a barrier in your marketing, how do you respond? Do you let it hold you back, or do you find another route?

5 features for your website

5 Features Every Introvert Needs on Their Website

There’s a difference between a website that serves as a calling card and one that does the work for you. When you bring in these features, you give your website the functionality that it needs to do just that – talk to your audience, help you make a connection, and even sell for you.

one thing you need to know

The One Thing You Need to Know to Market Your Business

There’s one thing you need to get clear on in your business that brings everything else in line. What is it? How do you learn it? Let’s get into it and find out!

How will you get consistent?

How to Get Consistent in Your Marketing

When you market your business consistently, it builds your business. Not overnight! But over time, it absolutely does. Here’s my process for getting consistent in my marketing.