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introverts and extroverts

Introverts vs Extroverts and What That Has to do With Your Marketing

How are introverts and extroverts the same? And how are they different? And if you are an introvert, what does that mean about the best way for you to market your business?

what does it mean

What does “Market Like an Introvert” Mean?

Marketing presents specific and unique challenges to the introverted business owner. What are those challenges and what do you need to do to address them so that you can successfully market your business?


WIIFM: What are the Benefits of Being Authentic in Your Marketing?

There are some big benefits to being authentic in your marketing. It can help you build real relationships with prospects, generate a sense of trust… and ultimately, convert sales. Let’s explore why and how that’s true.

managing intimidation and fear

Managing Intimidation and Fear

When you’re in a room with people who intimidate you, how do you manage those emotions? Here’s my answer to that question.

when things go wrong

What do you do when things go wrong in your business?

When things don’t go the way you’d planned, you have two options. Let’s explore those options and get clear on what each option is useful for.

what is authenticity

What is Authenticity?

When I talk with people about authenticity in marketing, I am often asked what I mean by that term. I love this question — “What is authenticity in marketing?” – because I asked the same thing when this topic first really came to my attention. Here’s what I’ve learned.