Pictured: blue background with title: 3 questions to ask your audience

3 Questions to Ask Your Audience

If you want to know how to best help your audience – your prospective clients! – ask them these 3 questions.

create content that resonates

How to Create Content That Resonates With Your Audience

The best content creates connection by resonating wtih your audience. To create that resonance, start with this one question.

blue background with title: what is the best marketing strategy for your business?

What’s the Best Marketing Strategy For Your Business?

How can you find the best marketing strategy for your business when there are so many options. Here’s how to cut through the clutter and identify YOUR best strategy.

blue background with white box that says: How to create connection when talking about your business

How to Create Connection When Talking About Your Business

The best way to create a connection when you’re talking about your business is to talk about yourself. That’s not easy for some people, so let’s explore how to do it.

blue background with title in white box: Should you pay for canva?

Should You Pay For Canva?

Is it worth paying for the extra features that you get through Canva Pro? Let’s walk through the features I use most to help you decide.

repurposing impacts your business

How Repurposing Your Blog Post Impacts Your Business

How does repurposing original content like your blog post impact your business? It’s more powerful than you might think!

Be everywhere at once

How to Be Everywhere at Once: Repurposing Content With Intention

How can we be in all the places online that we need to be without taking up too much of our time and energy? This is how I go about it.

blue background with white box and title: when the shit hits the fan, what is essential?

When the $#&% hits the fan, what marketing is essential and what can you drop?

When life gets in the way (as it invariably does), how do you know what marketing should stay and what marketing should go?

blue background with title: 7 reaons to blog

7 Reasons to Blog… and 3 Reasons Not To

Should you blog? There are some really good reasons why you should… but yes isn’t always the answer. Here are 7 reasons why you should blog, and 3 reasons why “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer.

blue background with title: secret to getting consistent

The Secret to Getting Consistent in Your Marketing

Consistency is the key to marketing success… but consistency can be incredibly hard to maintain and it’s easy to fall off. Here is the one secret that will help you get consistent and lock it in.